Our historic and beloved Kohala Village HUB PUB and main entrance were recently destroyed during an overnight fire due to an electrical fault.  No one was hurt.  Yet the HUB PUB was a loss.  We will rebuild and keep all informed of ongoing plans, which will include further enhancing the history of the HUB PUB as a vibrant community gathering place for all in Kohala–and beyond! 
All other historic buildings on our charming five-acre property are in tact and functioning.
Classes, workshops and retreats at the Kohala Village HUB continue as usual, with parking access now from the backend of the property. Click here for current class schedules. www.kohalavillagehub.com/learn  The INN is presently honoring previously booked reservations and, as needed, working closely with our wonderful sister property to relocate guests.  Once additional inspections are complete and all water, electrical and communications lines are confirmed in good order, we will continue to welcome new reservations.  
Stay abreast of regular updates at our Facebook page:   FB.com/kohalavillage

For help with registration, please see FAQ for step by step directions.

FEED Hawai'i (dba Kohala Village Hub, or the HUB) is a community-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization located on the rural northern tip of Hawaii Island. Our mission is to enrich the lives and well-being of North Kohala residents while also strengthening the region's social, economic, and environmental fabric.

Incorporated in 2014, the HUB and its partners provide educational, enrichment, and economic development opportunities to residents of all ages, centered around food and agriculture; fine and performing arts; Kohala cultural preservation; and, ecology and the environment. 

Program activities included community enrichment classes (e.g., keiki robotics, restorative yoga); food and culture workshops (e.g., food fermentation, agriculture business); youth camps; cultural retreats and exchanges; and, community events (e.g., cultural concerts, heath fairs, and market pop-ups). In addition, we serve as a central, all-inclusive meeting place for the community, bridging social and cultural divides and fostering positive, meaningful connections among peoples of all backgrounds. We offer programs geared towards all ages and learning levels, from keiki (children) to kupuna (elders) alike.

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Program Descriptions

Spring Break Camp 2019

Location: HUB Barn

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Pollinator Protector education
  • Gardening
  • Ceramics
  • Animal Husbandry
  • And more...

Limited space available for ages 5-10. Registration ends 3/13. Snack provided.

Please bring:

  • Water Bottle
  • Lunch
  • Extra clothes
  • Shoes
  • Sunscreen

 Early Learning

Age: 3-5 years
Instructor: Cathy Morgan
Location: HUB Club

Cathy Morgan implements her decades of experience working with youth in this fun program designed with toddlers in mind. Snacks are provided; though instructor may charge additional fees to supplement meals.  

 Gardening Toddlers

Age: 18 mths - 3 years
Instructor: Kayla Sinotte
Location: HUB Club

Description: The Gardening Toddlerʻs group helps connect parents and children with our living world. By nurturing the childʻs imagination and curiosity we will engaging our senses through gardening, small animal care and play-based outdoor exploration. Activities include gardening, arts and crafts, storytelling, nature exportation, small animal care, music and movement, games, and most importantly preparing and enjoying fresh snacks from the garden together as a group. Parent/Guardian is required to accompany their child. Kayla has been the lead garden teacher and coordinator for the Kohala Elementary Schoolʻs Discovery Garden since 2014 helping to bring Farm to School to fruition in Kohala. Pursing professional registration as a Horticulture Therapist, Kayla hopes to connect the youth and elderly in our community to the healing benefits of gardening.

 Beginner French - Youth

Age:12-18 years
Instructor: Julia Meurice
Location: Clay Cottage

If youʻve ever wanted to learn French, or if you have a child or student youʻd like to learn another language in a fun environment, than sign up today! Ms. Meurice will lead interactive, engaging weekly classes covering salutations, basic conversation, numbers, time, alphabet and pronunciation, and much more! Role-play, songs and games are teaching tools Ms. Meurice uses, in addition to traditional written exercises to support multiple modalities of learning. Her goal is for students to feel comfortable and supported in their learning environment and to inspire a curiosity for French language and culture. 

 Beginner French - Adult

Instructor: Julia Meurice
Location: Clay Cottage

If youʻve ever wanted to learn French, or if you have a child or student youʻd like to learn another language in a fun environment, than sign up today! Ms. Meurice will lead interactive, engaging weekly classes covering salutations, basic conversation, numbers, time, alphabet and pronunciation, and much more! Role-play, songs and games are teaching tools Ms. Meurice uses, in addition to traditional written exercises to support multiple modalities of learning. Her goal is for students to feel comfortable and supported in their learning environment and to inspire a curiosity for French language and culture. 


Groove Fusion

Age: Adult
Instructor: Michal Anna Carrillo
Location: HUB Barn

Hip Hop

Age: 8-14 years
Instructor: Michal Anna Carrillo
Location: HUB Barn


Age: Adult
Instructor: Michal Anna Carrillo
Location: HUB Barn

Keiki Ballet

Age: 3-6 years
Instructor: Delphina Dorrance
Location: HUB Barn

Description: Bring them and have fun.

Belly Dancing

Age: 12yrs - Adult
Instructor: Carla Orellana
Location: HUB Hale

Description: Strengthen your core, embrace your beauty and improve posture and coordination while having fun and moving your body! 

Keiki Capoeira

Age: 3-5 years
Instructor: Mario Hill
Location: HUB Barn

Description: Keiki Capoeira is a great introduction to the cultural art form of capoeira for little movers & shakers! By creating an active, playful and interactive atmosphere, Keiki Capoeira classes foster holistic development for our youngest students in an age-appropriate way. Our class goals are to build confidence, improve listening & comprehension, develop gross-motor coordination, foster health, safety & teamwork skills and introduce music fundamentals.

Youth Capoeira

Age: 6-12 years
Instructor: Mario Hill
Location: HUB Barn

Description: Capoeira is a dynamic expression of Afro-Brazilian culture. All classes begin with warm up stretches before delving into different levels of cardio and capoeira movements set to great music and beats.

Keiki Hula


Age: 5-10 years
Instructor: Kumu Hope Keawe
Location: HUB Hale/HUB Barn

Description: Learn basic hula with Kumu Hope.

Kohala Dance Jam

Session Dates: Once a month | 2nd Thursday 7:00-9:00pm

Age: All ages
Door Cover: $10.00 includes Tip for the DJ (they spin in love)
Instructor: Catalina Caine
Location: HUB Barn

Description: Ecstatic Dance offers a drug/alcohol free space where community gathers into the arms of the Great Mystery to dance and be danced. Percussionists welcome. Bring a healthy dish for a post-dance potluck and enjoy the time for comraderie. The HUB is very grateful for the generosity of Catalina Cain and the revolving group of DJs who give all donations to support our community programs.

Tango-Beginner, Intermediate

Age: Adults
Instructor: Yumi Hedlund & Guest Teachers
Location: HUB Hale

Description: Learn to dance the beautiful Argentine Tango right here in Kohala. You will find a warm and welcoming community of dancers from all backgrounds. Come discover the music and the embrace of this international social dance phenomenon. 



Janʻs Yoga-Beginner, Intermediate

Age: 12 years-Adults
Instructor: Jan Roberts
Location: HUB Hale

Description: For those completely new to yoga, this is a more gentle, slower-paced beginning class. Emphasizes a safe and appropriate approach to the practice of yoga.

 Pilates Plus

Age: Adults
Instructor: Natalie Young
Location: HUB Hale

Description: The Pilates Plus Fitness Class is an effective and playful blend of movement modalities based on the foundation of Pilates core strength mat training. Incorporating elements of Qi Gong, Yoga and Dance this class will build core strength, increase stamina and flexibility.

Restorative Yoga Therapy Workshop

Age: 12 years-Adult
Instructor: Carla Orellana
Location: HUB Hale

Description: Yoga poses that restores the body in a variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. The antidote to stress is to rest deeply. Participants are encouraged to bring a yoga mat and supportive props (i.e. blanket and a couple of firm pillows).

Shakti Flow

Age: Adults
Instructor: Pascale
Location: HUB Hale

Description: High intensity fusion yoga with elements of aerobics and dance. Bring a towel, water and mat. Come ready to sweat!!

Tai Chi

Age: Adults
Instructor: Peter Beemer
Location: HUB Hale

Description: The serene environment of our Hale is the perfect environment for Tai Chi enthusiasts to gather and practice this meditative art. Facilitators will assist those who are new to Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation.

Altar Your Yoga

Age: 12 years - Adult
Instructor: Ari Douvris
Location: HUB Hale

Description: This is a Hatha based yoga class focused on developing intention and deepening devotion to your practice. Incorporates the ancient wisdom of altars. Enjoy more peace, calm and balance. Be flexible, curious and creative! Please bring mat, blanket/towel, water and an altar item.







Q: How are the classes priced?
A: Most classes are offered at a discounted monthly rate, but a few are priced Hourly or by Session. All classes have a Drop-in rate for out-of-town visitors or if you want to try it out before committing to the whole month. 

  • Monthly Packages - are priced per calendar month (not to be confused with a 30-day period from date of purchase). 
  • Session (or Workshop) Packages - are priced according to specific session dates. Participants are encouraged to commit to the entire session as absences will not be refunded. 
  • Suggested Donation - Donations can be made at the Front Desk or by clicking on "Donate Now"

Q: How do I register?
A: From the comfort of your own home, you can simply register for classes & workshops with a credit card. Our online registration system requires you to setup an account. However, with that you can register for any and all classes/workshops we offer. Also, sub-accounts for children are available so that parents can easily manage multiple accounts all in one place! Click the "Register Now" button to create an account. Here are some easy to follow directions to help you along: 1: Sign-Up -Choose an email and a password -Please save this password so you can access it later. You will need it again. -Once completed, you will be asked to confirm your registration in your email inbox. Please go to your inbox before proceeding to the next step. 2: Register -Follow the link in your email or sign in at the DonorView Portal using the information you created during sign-up -Complete your Household Profile -This designates family units. Even single person households will need to complete this. -Complete your Member/Participant Profile -This step may require you to repeat some information you have entered previously. -If your emergency contact will be the same as the primary household Guardian, please select ‘Same as Guardian One’ at the top of the contact sheet. -Click Save and Next when you have filled in all required data You should arrive at a screen with 5 blue bars. If all bars are the exact same shade of blue, you can proceed to step 4. If not, proceed to step 3. 3: Enroll In a Membership -Click on the bar that says ‘Enroll in a Membership’ -Select Enroll, and be sure to select your Membership Type as Student/Participant unless another option is more accurate. -Complete your billing information and then select Process 4: Enroll in a Program -On the main screen with 5 bars, check that all bars are the same shade of blue. If not, return to step 2 and work your way through to ensure all required fields are filled in/selected fully. -Click Join a Program -Select the class of your choice from the drop-down Select Program bar. -Choose the session(s) you would like to enroll in/pay for -Read and click that you have read and acknowledge the Waiver & Release Form -Put in your credit card info. -Click Process -Paying with cash or check can be done only at the front desk. 5: Attend Program -You should received email confirmation of your successful enrollment. -You can call 808-889-0404 and ext 101 or come to the HUB Front Desk anytime between 8am-7pm daily for assistance or to pay in cash or check. This procedure takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Though once you are set up and complete, all future program sign ups will be simple.



Kū Like Kākou - Stand Together in Unity

Wednesday, March 13th in the HUB Barn, 5:30p-8:30p. "Strengthening Kohala Community Through Social Emotional Health". Hamakua Health Center in collaboration with Kohala Schools will be showing a video: "Suicide: The Ripple Effect."

Here is the Schedule of Events:

  • 5:30p Opening Pule. Opening chant: Unupaʻa
  • 5:35p-7:30p Gallery Walk of Resources
  • 5:45p Dinner
  • 6:00p Start of Movie
  • 7:30p Ope Mic/Safe Mic Session
  • 8:30p Closing

Please come support this FREE event.


Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy Certification

The MYO training series is geared towards current massage therapists, chiropractors, accupuncturists, pain doctors and other body workers who are looking to deepen their understanding of the myofascial system and help patients suffering common acute or chronic pain and dysfunction. For more detail, please visit www.myopain.com



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